Just One Thing

A famous line from a movie had a grizzled old cowboy raising his finger and giving advice to a young tenderfoot.  The advice was “Just one thing.” Although the grizzled cowboy never told the tenderfoot exactly what the “just one thing” was, we believe that it is doing what you enjoy doing and what you know.

The firm’s practice engages creative people and helps them protect what they have created.  We enjoy the client interaction and we know how to help protect what you have.

Our clients are creative.   They are  artists, musicians, inventors, web designers or business people in any type endeavor.  They have new ideas in the arts and sciences or just a new way to sell a widget.  Our goal is to counsel them creatively as well, blending their ideas and passion into a legal framework that gives them the best chance not only to be creative but to thrive and prosper as creative contributors to society.