Patent Law

Patent Law is the Constitutionally based body of Federal Laws that are intended to reward inventors for their innovations and inventions for the benefit of society. The reward is the limited monopoly to control the making, using, selling, offering for sale and importing of products or services embodying the patented invention. Knowledge of the law from the conception of the invention through the distribution of products or services embodying the invention is key to attain the best opportunity to preserve the inventors rights in the invention and the best possibility of turning the limited monopoly in the invention into a profit.

Veal IP seeks involvement with our clients as early in the process as possible. We offer a sounding board at which we discuss the possibilities and guidance along the path to patent protection. Through searches and counseling, we can assist with evaluating the potential for obtaining a patent. Where patent protection is possible, we can prepare the application for filing in the United States Patent Office and shepherd the application through the process of attempting patent protection for the invention.

In another aspect of Patent Law, we review the prior art for guidance as to whether a new endeavor will run afoul of a third party patent and advise how to avoid infringement of known patents. We can assist with evaluating whether areas exist in which new endeavors can safely exploit growth. With respect to litigation, we represent clients who have been accused of infringement as well as patent owners who seek to protect their rights in their inventions through the courts.