With over 34 years of experience in practicing law, I’ve come to appreciate the mediation as a valuable tool for settling disputes with practical results, decided on and agreed to by the adverse parties, at a far less cost in terms of money, time, and stress. I’ve also learned that a good mediator doesn’t have to be a lawyer or a subject matter expert. Rather, the mediator needs to be a good listener with enough life experience to understand what the parties to the mediation are communicating about what they need to resolve the dispute.

Most of my legal career has involved intellectual property law and has lead me to deal with countless businesses as they try to create, protect and defend their property rights in their companies. I’ve been recognized in a book listing the best lawyers in America and in another proclaiming me to be a Preeminent Lawyer. I’ve represented clients in cases in Federal Courts from California to Maine. Most of them settled. More importantly, this part of my life experience has given me a behind the scenes look at business decision makers in start-up companies and multi-billion dollar conglomerates. I have an appreciation of what they go through in running their companies, hiring and firing their employees, allocating their assets, and competing in the business world.

Beyond the legal career, I served in the United States Navy for seven years as an enlisted man and as an officer. I was selected for a Navy scholarship program that allowed me to get an undergraduate degree in physics at a civilian college and then go to flight school where I learned about decision making under pressure. Before the Navy, I worked in a textile factory, a warehouse, on a farm, in a grocery store, and painted houses. Though I was young then, I learned a lot about how people treat each other.

I’ve also served as the director of a youth baseball league for several years and as a coach for my kid’s team. I’ve seen sports bring out the best in kids and the worst in parents and at times I have been the one who had to get everyone to work together to keep the program viable for the kids. I’ve served in civic organizations in leadership positions, on steering committees for the creation of new high schools, on the board of deacons of a church and on the bylaws committee of several others. In each of these situations, I’ve learned about people and what they need to get along, and how to help them do just that.If you are looking for a mediator that fits your case, I might not be the mediator for you. If you are looking for a mediator that fits the people in your case, then you should give me a call to discuss what we can do together.