Copyright Law

Copyright Law is a body of exclusive Federal Law intended to secure to writers, artists and other creators exclusive rights in the tangible expression of their ideas. Copyright law is exclusively based on Federal Law and there is no state copyright law. A copyright in a creative work comes into existence by operation of law as soon as the author fixes the work in a tangible medium. A tangible medium may include an electronic file, a piece of paper, a sculpture, a software program and many other variations.

A copyright in a work does not have to be registered to exist, however, registration is a pre-requisite to protecting the work in the courts and failure to register the work promptly can foreclose the possibility of recovery of certain types of damages and fees that are available to registered works.

We guide you as to what is protectable under copyright, how to protect your works, how to avoid infringing copyrights of others, what the doctrine of fair use allows, how copyright affects the internet, and all topics related to copyright. We can litigate copyright issues and hopefully help you avoid having to do so.