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About Us

Veal Intellectual Property, LLC is a specialty law  firm dedicated to assisting clients protect and capitalize on intangible intellectual property including protecting the client’s  inventions and  trademarks. The firm assists clients throughout the United States and around the world, providing consultation, prosecution and litigation services.  The firm’s client mix is diverse, including individuals and multi-billion dollar conglomerates.  Relationships with some of our clients span four decades, while some of our clients are working with us for the first time on their first matter.

We consult with the client to determine what their intellectual property needs are.  We provide patentability searches to gauge the likelihood of obtaining a patent on an invention, patent application preparation and filing services, and interface on behalf of the inventors by prosecution of the patent applications through the United States Patent Office.  Through the Patent Cooperation Treaty and cooperating attorneys around the world, we are able to extend the reach of your patent as far as the law and your business will allow.  We also counsel clients as to trademark needs, perform screening searches to determine the likely availability of trademarks, prepare and file trademark applications in the United States Trademark Office and represent the trademark owner during the entire process of advancing the trademark applications to registration.   As with patents, pursuant to the international treaties and with the assistance of our foreign associates, we can assist in extending your trademark registrations abroad to wherever your business needs exist.

In addition to the prosecution of patent and trademark applications through the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Veal IP assists clients with licensing, litigation and overall IP strategy.  Our goal is to help the client chart a course that provides the needed protection at a reasonable cost and with appreciation and control of the risks involved in the choices being made. We also provide mediation services in the IP area and other select areas of disputed interests.

Services are provided on an hourly basis and on a fixed fee basis.   Using the fixed fee basis, our clients are able to see in advance what their major costs are going to be on a particular project.  After consultation, we can offer fixed fee services for trademark preparation and filing, patent preparation and filing, trademark searching or patent searching.  In addition, the processing service fees  for both patent and trademark applications can be controlled using a fixed fee schedule.  Fixed fee arrangements depend on the complexity of the matter involved, recognizing that no one size fits all and tailoring the fee structure to give the client our best quality work at a reasonable price.

Call at 678-653-4758 or email us at rjveal@veal-ip.com to see whether we can help you.